A cluster is a set of one or more VMs required for deploying and scaling your apps. These VMs are created using your cloud provider keys in your cloud and cloud region of choice.

You need a minimum of 1 cluster with 4GiB of memory and 80GiB of disk space to run your applications.

You can create a new cluster by visiting the clusters link in the menu,

Menu with clusters

and clicking on Create a new cluster.

Add new cluster

  1. Give your cluster a human readable name.
  2. Select which cloud provider you want to use to spin up the cluster. NOTE that this will list cloud providers added by you.
  3. Select which region to deploy the cluster to. This will depend on the cloud provider you chose in the previoius field.
  4. Add a VM with a human readable name and your desired size. The VM size depends on the cloud provider you chose.
  5. [Optional] Add more VMs in a similar fashion on clicking on “Add more VMs”.
  6. Click on “Create Cluster”.

Cluster creation(including provisioning of VMs and provisioning all the software etc.) takes typically 10-15 minutes.

Cluster details page with created

You will get an email with the subject “New cluster created” saying that your cluster is ready once the creation part is successful.

A “ready” cluster is ready to deploy applications.

Cluster in ready state


If you don’t get an email notifying that your cluster is created successfully, please check the spam folder. Also, ensure that you have whitelisted the lakshmi@shapeblock.com email address.

If you don’t find the email in your spam folder, please get in touch with support.

Possible next steps

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