To add a DigitalOcean API key, click on the providers link in the top menu.

Menu with providers

Click on “Add new Cloud Provider keys”. It will open a dropdown with different cloud providers. Select “Digitalocean” from the options.

Add new cloud provider

Alternatively, you can directly visit the page.

The form will present you with an option to add an API key.

DigitalOcean form

Give it a human-readable name which will help you refer it later.

Instructions for API key

The below instructions assume that you already have a DigitalOcean account created and you’re logged into it. You can get a DigitalOcean API key for your account from here. Make sure that the “write” scope for the API key is checked.

DigitalOcean new token

Copy over the key and paste it in the form above and click on “save”.

You should have your provider listed on the providers page after adding the keys successfully.

Possible next steps

Create a new cluster