You can invite another user to access your cluster and deploy apps in it.

It is not mandatory for this user to have an account in ShapeBlock yet.

None of the users you invite will be billed for anything. Only you will be billed for the VMs you provision via ShapeBlock.

By default, only you will be able to access your cluster and deploy apps in it. Only when you invite new users, they will be able to operate on the cluster.

Invitations are on a per-cluster basis. You need to invite a user to every individual cluster you need them to access.

How to invite

You can invite a user by going to the “Team” tab in the Cluster details page.

teams tab

You will be presented with an invite form.

invite form


The email of the user you have to send an invite to. They will get an invite link in that email address.


The role they will be invited under. There are 2 roles.


Users with this role can create/delete projects, create/update/deploy/delete apps, create/delete services, attach/detach apps to services across the cluster.


This role has the same permissions as maintainer. Additionally, they can scale up and scale down a cluster and invite other members.

You can check pending invitations by scrolling further bottom. These are invites sent out for the user, but still haven’t accepted the invite.

Let’s invite as a maintainer. The user will show up under the “Pending invites” section.

Pending invite

Joe will get an email to accept the invite.

For a user not signed up in ShapeBlock previously, the invite link will redirect to sign up form, and will apply the roles after they sign up successfully.

After they accept the invite by signing up, they will show up under the “Members” section of the “Team” tab.

Accepted invite

Joe will be able to see the cluster in the cluster list page like any other member of the cluster.

invitee cluster list

But they won’t see the “Teams” tab and the cluster node details, nor the cluster node add form in the cluster details page.

invitee cluster detail

If you need more fine-grained permissions and access, you should go for project based teams instead.

Possible next steps

Invite users to access your project